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This book is for women who are over it!

Who are Women Like Us?

Stand-up comedians Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs have joined forces for the first time to write a very funny collection of stories that examines what it means to be a woman,  in today’s social media dominated world. And it ain’t always easy.

Thanks to biology, ageing and the complex requirements for social validation (i.e. wax yourself, lose weight, get bigger boobs, a smoother forehead, a smaller butt, no hang on, make that a smaller waist and a bigger butt) today’s women never run out of reasons to hate themselves or feel they ‘are not enough’. The messages are beamed from TV, from billboards, from magazines.

They have drawn a line in the sand

Well, Mandy and Ellen have had it. They’ve drawn a line in the sand ... and this time they’re not going to sweep it up!

Women Like Us is for anybody who is feeling cranky and fed up with being told what they should look like, feel like and how to ‘behave’. Using hilarious accounts of their own lives Mandy and Ellen discuss how they have come to a point where they realise they are never going to be perfect and they are just fine with that.

 They discuss a wide range of topics including early forays into feminism, the terrors and angst of parenting, female friendships, botox, body image, ageing parents, teenagers, juggling work life with home life, snooty sales assistants, domestic violence and coping with mental illness.

You are women like us

 So if you are feeling completely over all the media dazzle that points you one way then another,  or sick of the opposing forces that make you feel guilty if you are a working mother and yet make it impossible to pay the rent or home loan unless you have a job, or you are just plain tired of trying to please everyone, be a valued member of the community and still have nice hair, then this book is for you!  You are WOMEN LIKE US!

They’ve drawn a line in the sand ... and this time they’re not going to sweep it up!