Mother’s Day disappointments – Ellen Briggs

Once I became a mother, I looked forward to Mother’s Day with anticipation, imagining the day that is portrayed on TV, where my kids come bounding into my bedroom with a delicious breakfast in bed, followed by my handsome husband, bearing a gift with a giant ribbon around it, and we all snuggle on the bed whilst smiling with our perfect teeth.

It has never been like that.  Mostly because we all need braces and my gifts were always purchased at the Primary School Mother’s Day Stall. 

The Primary School Mother’s Day Stall is like nothing else. The way ours worked was that we would send in a present to the value of $10, then we would give our kids $10 to buy something from the stall. Great fundraiser for the school, terrible situation for mothers. I would always buy something really nice for my two kids to take in, so that was $20, often more because I wanted to give another mum something special, and then I would give them $20 to buy me something lovely in return.  It never worked that way. The Mother’s Day Stall was a sad collection of last minute re-gifted, unwanted items that had been dragged from the cupboard in desperation on the morning of the stall. Over the years I received a cake of Imperial Leather soap and a roll-on deodorant; a half dead cactus, and the ugliest pendant on an old piece of leather I have ever seen. They weren’t the worst however.  One year topped them all. That was the year one of my sons came home with a shoebox full of silkworms and the other son confessed that he spent his $10 at the canteen. 


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  • Suzy Richmond May 16, 2018 at 1:45 am

    Ha ha, mine is different again. My husband works OS and is always away for Mothers Day. My daughter who is 14 needs lots of reminding!! I give her money to buy me a card and I buy my own present….very low key although this year the two of went out for lunch and went to the movies which is a highlight as she is usually too embarrassed to be seen out with her Mum ! ha ha


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