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Motherhood by Mandy Nolan

I never planned to be a mother I never planned to be a mother. I also never planned not to be one either. It was something I never really thought about. After three terminated pregnancies I was pregnant at 28 and in a relationship with a man who had told me he wanted children.  I was in love. So I…

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Mother’s Day disappointments – Ellen Briggs

Once I became a mother, I looked forward to Mother’s Day with anticipation, imagining the day that is portrayed on TV, where my kids come bounding into my bedroom with a delicious breakfast in bed, followed by my handsome husband, bearing a gift with a giant ribbon around it, and we all snuggle on the bed whilst smiling with our…

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11 Questions in 11 Minutes GO! With Mandy and Ellen

ELLEN BRIGGS What is your idea of bliss? Having a ride on lawn mower equipped with air-conditioning and a fridge full of caramel slices and 40 acres of lawn to mow. What is the trait you least like about yourself? My intolerance of people who don’t like dogs.  I don’t care if they’d had childhood trauma around an attack, I…

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